In November 1987; at their 50th Rally, Lake Goldsmith Steam Society of Victoria Inc. hosted the Inaugural National Machinery Convention.

This convention had been promoted through the medium of The Old Machinery Magazine (TOMM) edited by Ian and Kate Stewart from Caboolture in Queensland. Many club newsletters were also used to advertise this event.

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26 Clubs from all over Australia were represented; recognising the need for a central body to act on behalf of all clubs in the country. This was recognised as the first National Machinery Rally.

By the end of the weekend, this gathering had achieved the result of forming a steering committee. They were given a mandate to formulate such things as insurance, safety and the general well-being of our hobby in the restoration and conservation of Australia's machinery heritage. These steering committee members were Jim Ross (President), Victoria; Geoff Wishart (Sec/Treas), Victoria; Allen Eatts, South Australia; Ian Gordon, Victoria; John Glynn, Victoria; John Norris, Victoria, and Reg Schuster, Queensland.

In 1989, the second National Rally was held in Carrara, Queensland, and by then the first NHMA official Committee was formed, with representatives in each state.

Much has happened in the last 30 years and many things have been achieved by the NHMA, which has been of great benefit to clubs throughout Australia. During this time, many people have served on the Committee, putting in countless hours of their own time and expense, to represent their fellow enthusiasts.

We will celebrate the 30th Anniversary at the 16th NHMA National Rally in Hamilton, Victoria on 21st-23rd April 2017.

It is hoped that those who attended the inaugural meeting of the NHMA at Lake Goldsmith in 1987, will be able to attend the rally this year.

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